Thanks to all our artists, 2022 Judge Tracy Hebert, Plaquemine Service League, and Friends of the Iberville Public Libraries for your support.

Beth McLain, “The Monarch”

Professional Division

1st David Boston, “Jazz” — 2nd Bing Zheng, “Best Friend” — 3rd “Jolie” Kendra G. Randall, “Great Grand Moments”
Honorable Mentions: Randy LaPrairie, “Jesus on the Bayou” — Cole Williams, “Lombard” — David Boston, “WWI”  — ‘Jolie’ Kendra G. Randall, “Brady” 

Non-Professional Division

1st    Beth McLain, “The Monarch”  — 2nd Marie Nola, “Lunch @ Drago’s” — 3rd John Buckley, “Damsel” 
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Rose Marie Pizzolato, “Goldy-Boat”  — Claudia Husseneder, “Flowering Trees”  — Stacie Coffey, “Cathedral Woods” —
Justin Robertson, “Blossoms in the Mountains” 

Young Artist Division

1st    Breanna Zhu, “Sorow”  — 2nd Fionna Lu, “Trees”  — 3rd Louisa Zhu, “At Shore” 
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Ryley Hano, “Sketch”  — Lilliana Nicolosi, “Untitled” — Sofia Zhu, “Mirror, Mirror” — Shawn Li, “Blooming Flower” 

Thank you, see you again next year!