Your Card allows you to borrow items for the following time periods

Media Time Period
Books 3 weeks
Audio Books 3 weeks
Magazine 1 week
Vertical Files 1 week
Art Prints 1 month
A/V Equipment 2 days
DVD Movies 1 week



YOUR LIBRARY provides FREE services and programs for all persons who live or work in Iberville Parish.

YOUR LIBRARY CARD entitles you to check out materials from any Iberville Parish Library Branch.

YOUR LIBRARY CARD can be issued when you complete a registration form. Some identification with a current address is needed. Please limit the initial check out to no more than three books.

CHILDREN old enough to write their first & last names, yet less than 16, require the signature of a parent or guardian.

TEMPORARY CARDS may be issued to persons who are not permanent residents of the parish. A deposit of $25 is required. If the card holder is in good standing, the deposit may be returned after 1 year, after which time all unclaimed deposits will be added to the library’s gift monies.

LOST CARDS should be reported immediately. Replacement fee for cards is $1.00.

STUDENTS who do not live in the parish but attend school here may be issued a card.14642670581216